Vednam is multi device OTT platform for everything in Spirituality, Mythology and Yoga. VEDNAM is the group’s foray into Digital Spiritual Entertainment and Education space.

Vednam is India’s first streaming service that takes you to the world of spirituality and showcases all its angles, starting from devotional music, spiritual lessons, meditation techniques, preaching of ‘Gurus’, live Darshans and documentaries to animated epics. And no matter where in the world you stay, Vednam is a one stop destination for lovers of the supreme power. The OTT platform gives you a universal human experience where you can connect to God, an experience so spiritual and intense that it will help you find a purpose of living. Vednam is available on Web, Smartphones, smart TVs and all other streaming devices for people across the world.




Vednam is a provider of spirituality and a promoter of Indian culture. It has a wide range of programmes for people of all age groups. Generally children keep themselves away from religion and holy books but with Vednam, they will learn about the various aspects of Indian culture, religions, festivals and epics in the most entertaining way. From animated devotional shows to digital comics and depiction of holy books in the form of cartoons, the streaming service is enough for a child to get a deep understanding of his/her culture and its origin.


Vednam also brings an ocean of devotional hymns which perfectly accompanies every mood. Be it traditional bhajans or shlokas from the Vedas, Durga Aarti or Hanuman Chalisa, or even the new generation’s 8D mantras; a wide range of music makes Vednam- a go to for every individual.


With the spiritual gurus giving lessons on Holy Bhagwat Gita, Ramayana and religious epics people from across the world can get a deep understanding about the importance of one’s soul. Katha section covers in depth stories on various spiritual and mythological subjects. Live sessions and kathas happening at the remotest part can be viewed by the world using blend of technology and reach.


With Darshan and Aarti experience on your device, the world is on your device’s screen. The OTT platform presents a huge catalog of Live Darshans and Aarti from across India.


The keenness and attraction towards mythological movies is nothing extraordinary. The genre showcases the world of Gods and fascinates audiences of all age groups. Here on Vednam, we bring to you some of the most well-acclaimed, heroic and legendary mythological movies.


Vednam also brings tens of hundreds of devotional documentaries and webs series to stimulate the brain.


Yoga and Meditation section of Vednam promotes the unison of body and mind, provides mental relaxation and improves concentration. From beginners to Advanced curated Yoga training sessions and meditation classes are available at one place.


Some world class Gurus will spread their teachings and preaching and will provide spiritual lessons and meditation. Knowledge from Spiritual Gurus and Spiritual leaders from different regions will be available on a single platform to the world through Vednam.

We want to create a largest platform to Spirituality and Wellness with blend of Technology and reach.
As a global streaming platform we want to spread India Culture, heritage and knowledge to the Universe.

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