Advertising Options

UMW offers cost effective medium with reach and flexibility to advertisers.  UMW brings to its clients customized and innovative Digital Cinema Advertising solutions along with system generated play logs.

Advertising System of UMW has facility of detailed electronic logs, which gives a comprehensive report of each and every spot screened at individual theatres, making the medium completely reliable, transparent and cost effective.

Advertising with UMW  has great advantages.  No prints are required, nor any logistics costs. Any digital format content is required to release all over the region at the same time. 

With a large and penetrated network across different states, advertising with UMW can be a great boon to reach your product branding to masses.

UMW accepts commercial advertisments having duration from ten seconds till two minutes.  Same  is a effective medium for reaching to masses at an economical cost.

Also, still Cinema advertising like Cinema Slides and screen savers can be effective tool for brand promotion.

Advertising agencies and media houses are encouraged to get a year round tie up for marketing.

Apart from In Cinema advertising, other avenues like branding in theatre premises, branding on seat backs and other areas of theatres is also available. Various in theatre promotional opportunities and solutions are available with UMW Cinema network giving wider coverage to products for promotion and branding.