UMW Plex is Video Streaming platform focusing on releasing on New movies on Pay Per View (PPV) model. This is a unique solution for Movie Producers and Distributors as a Virtual Theatre platform. Patrons can watch the movies at their convenience through perfect streaming experience.

UMW Plex is a Web Theatre, where producers and film makers can showcase their movies by paying a nominal fees.

The full potential of the movie can be explored by exploring the movie on UMW Plex. Patrons can explore the movie through the streaming application through smart devices.


Highlights of UMW Virtual Plex
  • Virtual movie experience at convenience
  • Pay per view model
  • Most secured video streaming platform
  • Producers can release film across globe at same time
  • High quality content
  • High performance player
  • Adaptive Bitrate streaming Technology
Benefits of releasing the Movie on UMW Plex

Producers and filmmakers can showcase his film for specific period just like cinemas halls or multiplexes.

Producers and filmmakers can decide the price of the ticket for their movie.

Larger audience can be targeted for releasing the movie by using the UMW Plex Platform.

Detailed report of sale of tickets is available to the Producers through back end reports.

All the technical handling for uploading and bandwidth is handled by UMW Plex.

Regional language movies get a dedicated platform to showcase the audience world wide.

Producers with limited budget can reach the public easily.

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